Why Pockitapp

Now, everything you buy is the chance to do more. Do more for you or for someone else.

Imagine being able to buy whatever you want, and all that you need and no matter the cost, be rewarded for the transaction.

Whether you’re fortunate enough and don't have to sweat the price or not, you still need to buy stuff. You’re going to have to pull out the wallet. Now, we've got a bit of a bonus!

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Works Perfectly - Here's How

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Add Your Bank Account


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Set Up Your Transfers

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Transfer Your Change



Get It For Your POS

Full API tool set to get you up and running on any Point of Sale (POS) System. Let your most important people know about Pockitapp.

There's nothing like it on the market today. Help your customer spend, save and give. We help you with a simple and easy integration into your POS.

This is not another rounding up program, this helps your customers that pay cash, convert their physical change to digital currency at your POS.