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Introducing Pockitapp
convert physical change to digital currency at the point of sale


Use It - Here's How

Physical Change

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Now you can pay with cash at your favorite store and choose to have your change returned to you as digital currency. Save it or do something good with it

Scan the App

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You can simply let the cashier know that you would like your change returned back to you on your Pockitapp, hey you can do what you want with it once there

Digital Currency

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The change credits your Pockitapp account within seconds of the cashier scanning your barcode. No mess, no fuss no losing that loose change


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With the Pockitapp, you can convert that pile of spare change into digital currency – immediately – and then convert it into real and meaningful rewards that add value to your change.

Want to save up for that big ticket item?  Pockitapp can be used for a savings account. Want to treat yourself for good behavior? Use it as a coupon or gift card for that special something.

Our personal favorite? You can give the change to someone who may need it more than you. With Pockitapp  you can contribute to a charity or cause of your choosing, every coin counts.