Q: Why was Pockitapp created?
A: Approximately $300 in coin change is taken in by each of us over the course of a year and most of that change winds up in jars, ashtrays, and in some cases lost. Pockitapp collects that change for you and stores it electronically so you can use it later without having to lug it around everywhere.

Q: What can I do with the change that accumulates in my Pockitapp account?
A: Change that accumulates in your Pockitapp account can be transferred to your bank account, donated to charity, used to recharge gift cards, and used to pay utility bills.

Q: How does Pockit work?
A: When you are in the checkout line at, participating stores, let the cashier know that you want to receive your change back from your cash transaction onto your Pockitapp account. The cashier will enter your phone number and the change is credited to your account.

Q: How do I get Pockitapp onto my phone?
A: Pockitapp is available for download on the appstore.

Q: What if I do not have a bank account?
A: If you do not have a bank account you can transfer your accumulated change to a charity or use it to replenish a gift card.

Q: How do I sign up for Pockitapp?
A: Sign up instantly anywhere you see the Pockitapp logo displayed at the cash register. We are working with retailers to become available in locations near you. Please message us and let us know that you want Pockitapp where you shop the most.

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Q: What is Dwolla?
A: Dwolla is a powerful payments platform that securely connects to bank or credit union accounts to enable the transfer of money for any individual or organization in the U.S.

Q: Why is my transaction still pending?
A: A bank or credit union transaction usually takes 3–4 business days to complete via the Automated Clearing House network (ACH) used by banks to transfer funds. Please note that transfers take longer to complete if over a weekend or a holiday.

Q: Why did the transaction fail?
A: Sometimes transactions to or from a bank or credit union can fail. Here are a few reasons why a transaction can fail:

  • Insufficient funds. There are insufficient funds in the sending bank or credit union account to complete the transaction.
  • Frozen account. A bank or credit union account has been frozen.
  • Other reasons. A bank or credit union rejects the transaction for some other reason.

If a transaction fails, please contact your bank or credit union to check on the status of your account. Then either re-initiate the transaction or ask your financial institution why the transaction may not be processed.

Q: Why am I being asked for more documentation?
A: If we ask for a photo ID: Additional information is needed to verify your identity. Please upload one of the following forms of identification:

  • An unexpired, current, state-issued driver’s license or identification card OR
  • An unexpired, current U.S. passport

If we ask for a bank statement: Additional information is needed to verify that you are an authorized signer on your connected bank or credit union account. Please upload a copy of a recent statement.

Q: How does Dwolla protect customers’ data?
A: Dwolla protects customers’ data through secure servers and a world-class cloud environment. Dwolla’s servers are encrypted with 128-bit or greater encryption controlled by Transport Layer Security (TLS), and sit behind firewall and intrusion protection. Our cloud service offers a highly secure environment with a dedicated security team.