Did You Know

The average American handles $300 in change annually. That's $195B going through the hands of Americans each year; not a small chunk of change. Do you have change jar at home? We do and so does 77% of Americans. We at Pockitapp have created a better way to collect and manage all of that loose change. Every coin counts and it is our mission to help people save and add value to each one of them.

Why Pockitapp?

  • No more coins to collect, count or convert anymore
  • Adds incentives, rewards, convenience and engagement to cash transactions

  • Save, spend or give by applying collected change to checking, savings, gift cards and charities


Works Perfectly - Here's How


Add Your Bank Account



Set Up Your Transfers


Transfer Your Change



Adding value to your change
It's time to efficiently collect and make use of all that spare change. Stop collecting jars and put your change directly in your Pockitapp.

Save, spend or give
Every coin counts. Now you can do something about it. With Pockitapp the coins that would have been eaten by the couch cushions, stranded under the seat of your car, or collecting dust in a jar can be utilized and enhanced for your immediate use or to benefit those in need.             

Don't just roundup
Rounding up sounds good, but collecting and managing your spare change, sounds better!  

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