If there’s one thing I’ve (re)learned over these last few tumultuous days, is that change is unavoidable, it can often be uncomfortable, but it is inevitable.  I’ve also come to learn, perhaps for the first time, that all change, good or bad, sad or happy, should be embraced for the change that it foreshadows.

I’ve recently dealt with a loss of a beloved friend who lived a long and extraordinary life. Everyone who knew him was blessed to know him. And they knew that.  And you can’t ask for much more or better than that. But no matter how long or fascinating the life, there always comes a time to say good-bye. Which is never an easy thing.  

But I noticed an interesting thing while visiting these friends and their families. While the loss of a father and husband, brother and gran -- and great grandfather -- was in many ways sad and difficult, for the most part it was acknowledged as a natural course of living.  Life does go on. And during that process, I noticed that change became a talismanic object. And by that I mean actual change.  

Pocket coins seemed to hold some significance more than just usual around this time: the granddaughter who got $.49 cents in change from her cottage cheese, and grandfather was class of ‘49’. Someone else got a receipt for something, something $.92 and dad was 92 when he passed and, well, he was just going to hold on to that receipt for a while.  Sorta like a fortune cookie.  Or your very own secret lottery formula. For a brief specific situation, change meant more than what’s going to happen next, and these numbers held special meaning.

Maybe I noticed it more as I’m involved in the business of change, but I don’t think so. Numbers hold a special significance in our lives.  Coins are, in fact, talismans. Our birthdates and anniversaries, dates of special importance, that lucky quarter can all represent symbols and signs of good fortune and good luck. So go ahead and look for a special portent in that $.38 cents you get back from that latte, or that restaurant receipt for $19.91 as that was the year your son was born. It’s fun, and can even be comforting sometime.

And now you can have a permanent record of that transaction, that let’s you capture those magical numbers in your very own Pockitapp account.  It’s the same as if it had been in your Pockitapp, although without the time and energy of having to carry, count or cash in that change. Now, with the Pockitapp, you get the change back from any cash transaction deposited directly into an account of your choosing -- checking, savings, replenish a gift card or give to the charity of your choice. That physical change and those coins become part of your digital currency cache that you carry around on a the Pockitapp on your phone or device. So good luck and good fortune to you with all your talismans and may all your change be positive.

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations