Labor Day

Labor Day has many meanings and manifestations, but only one origin in the United States. The U.S. Department of Labor reports our annual, national holiday is “a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.” Of course for many of us, there are the last days of summer BBQs and the amazing sales on virtually everything from fashion to furniture and, best of  all, a three day holiday weekend with that rare Monday off from work and school!

I try to pack in all three.  I work hard and I’m happy to have an opportunity to celebrate that.. Bringing a lovely side dish or dessert to a friend’s house who just so happens to have a pool. Having that full extra day that gives you just enough extra free time to do absolutely nothing or that something special you so rarely get to do.  Doing a little personal and household redecorating while contributing to the local economy, doing my part spending money in several different stores in and around the area.

This year, there’s a new mobile app to make shopping those sales just a little bit easier, more convenient and even a bit more valuable. With the Pockitapp on your phone, shopping at any merchant who accepts Pockitapp allows you accept the physical change back from any cash transaction as digital currency that sits on your phone.  No more loose bills or coins to carry around while you’re shopping. Those accumulated Pockitapp funds can be put into checking or savings, used to replenish gift cards, or designated to the charity of your choosing.

Pockitapp appeals to so many different personalities and profiles. For the individual consumer, the benefits range from being able to use your own change towards a financial goal without the unnecessary inconvenience of having to carry it home, count and wrap the coins, take them to the bank and only then is it available to use for bills, or a special treat. For some, it’s the simplicity of living life in an on-the-go, mobile manner, having the newest and most cutting edge payment apps, all designed for digital ease and online money management. And for some it may be the novelty of the newest innovation in cash spending since cash itself first became currency. Or the special limited time “Coins in Your Pockit Money Match” promotion being offered through select Pockitapp merchants during its initial launch.

So this Labor Day, when so many things are changing -- as Summer becomes Fall, as we move slowly towards the Holiday season and as coins can now be converted directly to currency on an app on your phone, think about how the Pockit app can work best for you!

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations