Just Because You Are Reading This...

...doesn’t mean that things are back to normal. Five days with no power was NOT normal. No hot showers for nearly a week was NOT the usual daily routine. Then blessedly, the power came back on, things began to cool and we could start moving on with our lives.

Except things are definitely NOT back to normal for so many people. My dearest friend in Central Florida is going on 8 days without power, with no end in sight in the foreseeable future, and I know he’s completely over it. You might think that’s a small price to pay for the beauty of living in this tropical paradise the rest of the time, but it doesn’t feel like a small price when you’re living in the dark, feeding the generator, boiling your water on the BBQ grille.

Now try and imagine suddenly having to live in a shelter, or temporary housing, or even with family or friend for an indeterminate amount of time because your home was completely destroyed. Sadly, that’s the fate of hundreds, maybe thousands of Florida residents from the Keys to Miami and as far north as Naples and Tampa and Polk County. Certainly when combined with the folks in Texas who were flooded out of their homes with Harvey, and so many folks on the Caribbean islands, the number of folks in the southeast Atlantic corridor who were suddenly confronted with complete devastation is enormous.

We have to help. And not just because of our better angels. One way or another, there will have to be aide and comfort provided, whether through government agencies or private contributions. And no matter what we do, it won’t be enough to re-establish the lives those folks once had. Here’s an incredibly simple way to you can offer some assistance. Just put your helping hand in your Pockitapp!

The Pockitapp is a mobile app that allows you to convert the physical change you’d normally receive back from any cash transaction you might make, and instantly convert it to digital currency to be kept on an app on your mobile device. No need to carry around and count coins, never again have to take them to the bank or your local coin conversion machine in your local store and convert it to actionable, usable cash. The Pockitapp does all that for you, and makes it so easy for your to choose what to do with the accumulated funds

You can apply that change, that now digital currency cache of coins and bills, to checking or savings, or you can do things like replenish gift cards. Best of all, and what you need to do now, is to designate those funds be given to a charity or cause of your choosing.  That’s what I meant by putting your helping hand in your Pockitapp. You really can make a difference, simply and elegantly, with minimal effort on your part and maximum impact on the lives of those who could really use a few coins from your Pockitapp. If you’re reading this, reach right into your Pockitapp right now and extend that helping hand.

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations