A Change is Coming

Starting this Fall, a big change is coming to the way we do business, transact money, use and consider coins. Pocket change, as we know it, is about to see a significant decline in your establishment and life, thanks to the new Pockitapp. And this has nothing to do with the progressive and steady changes we’ve seen in the financial landscape, thanks to the proliferation of credit and debit cards over the last few decades. This is something new, entirely.

The Pockitapp is a mobile financial app that serves as an automatic coin convertor in everyday life. So rather than accept that 79 cents back in change from the drive through (and really, what’s more awkward than accepting a bunch of coins back across that divide while primarily trying to accept that hot cup of coffee?) just give them your phone number and that change is automatically deposited into the Pockitapp account you designate.

Any cash transaction made at any Pockitapp point of sale and place of business, allows the customer to deposit those coins -- or, in fact, any and all the change back from that transaction, whether that’s 79 cents back from the $5 tendered, or $6.42 back from a $20 ticket -- directly into their Pockitapp account. And Pockitapp carries with it a myriad of options. From being able to deposit that change into a checking or savings account to dispose of any way you choose, use those accumulated funds with which to replenish gift and store cards, or even designate those funds to a charity or cause close to your heart, once a small fee is tendered, all those coins and aggregated change turn into immediately actionable funds.

Pockitapp works one of two ways.  Starting in autumn, the Pockitapp standalone app will be deployed across Central Florida restaurants and retailers through an integrated public relations push that gives these early adopters a unique and revolutionary way to provide their customers added convenience and benefits. On the front end, the merchant will receive, completely FREE, everything from the tablet technology, training materials, POS merchandising and marketing materials, coupled with extensive press coverage and promotional coverage to enable a standalone Pockitapp introduction.

Their customers receive the advantage of being among the first to experience and enjoy the ability to transact with cash in that establishment without the hassle and bother of having to carry, count and convert the change back from that transaction, something they’ll definitely be aware of and note. Once they download the Pockitapp onto their phones, once they choose how to designate those funds into whatever application they choose, they’ll be amazed at how quickly their cash change converts into a digital currency cache with which their options are virtually limitless.

But the most strategic advantage any foodservice or retail establishment receives is the ability to capture and use data and analytics on their CASH transactors. In this day & age, we all know data is king when it comes to acquiring and retaining valuable customers and info on previously anonymous cash users opens up a whole world of marketing opportunities to provide a competitive edge. And that opportunity has been a long time coming, but here now, with the Pockitapp. Sign up today and be on the forefront  of change!

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations