Total Eclipse

In case you hadn’t heard, (and you would have had to have been living on the moon to avoided the news) today is the total eclipse of the sun. In many parts of the country, across a 65 mile swath cutting across the US and the globe, the new moon will move between the earth and the sun, which’ll block out the sun’s rays and cast a giant shadow across the earth. It’ll be pretty spectacular and it’s a relatively rare occurrence, the first in 99 years!  

Although not quite as rare, at the same time we’re seeing another summer draw to a close with kids going back-to-school, big yellow buses filling the streets and parents waiting with kids at bus stops and lingering in long lines of traffic carpooling classmates. It’s all part of the process of the earth rotating on its axis and the world turning towards another year.

But this year, something new is coming and it’s going to eclipse the way you view cash and coins. There’s a new mobile app available, the Pockitapp, and being adopted by retailers, restaurateurs and quick service food establishments -- anyplace where cash is predominantly transacted can now be a veritable coin conversion operation for your ease and convenience.

After a mid-afternoon eclipse event you might need to stock up on some additional snacks and party supplies, or after you drop those kids off at school, you definitely need some caffeine at the corner coffee shop.  So you head into the store with a $5 or $20 bill, and when the cashier offers you whatever change back from your chips or latte purchase, instead of taking the cash and coins in change, you can now have it deposited directly on your mobile device.  

Simply give the cashier the phone number tied to the Pockitapp account you signed up with after you downloaded the app from the app store. Now, rather than handing you back bills, quarters, nickels and pennies, that Pockitapp retailer can easily and immediately place that change directly into your checking or savings.  You can also choose to use it to replenish a gift card, or donate funds directly to a charity or cause of your choosing. It’s all up to you.

Rather than having to count, carry and collect coins, you can have the app do it for you. Instead of struggling to save, it can now be an automated and automatic experience. You can now look at money as a seamless and easy part of your mobile lifestyle, rather than the struggle it can sometimes feel.  Consider that as we experience the first total solar eclipse in 99 years; that now for the first time in your lifetime, the way we deal with change is changing, and it’s going to brighten up your life!   

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations