Take Me To The Pilot

We’re gearing up for a big launch this fall for the Pockitapp mobile app, and if I was a merchant or food service establishment in the Orlando area, I’d want to get in on the action, pronto!

Pockitapp is an absolute no-brainer in terms of the value and convenience it provides consumers. First, it’s a standalone product that can be used in conjunction with any POS system in any environment. Next, the Pockitapp allows your customer to pay cash for any transaction in your establishment and the change they’d normally receive back in coins and bills, is immediately converted into a digital currency cache and deposited on their phone.  Finally, those accumulated funds can be aggregated and used in any number of ways: customers can put them into a checking or savings account, use them to replenish gift cards, or in these times when need has never been greater, those funds can be designated to a charity or cause of the customer’s choosing.

And what do you, the merchant get out of it? If you are one of our early adopters, the following goods and services will be provided to you FREE of charge:

  • Pockitapp application and standalone tablet
  • Pockitapp operational & training materials
  • Pockitapp POS signage and collateral  
  • Merchant mention in all local advertising and communications
  • Merchant mention in Press Release
  • Merchant mention in email blast

Bottom line, you get a fully loaded tablet that allows you to enter your customer’s phone number from which their cash change will be deposited into their personal Pockitapp account. That tablet will also contain training and operational information for your reference. You’ll get free promotional signage announcing that something new and special is going on in your store. There will be a coordinated press and communications campaign in which you’ll get special mention that is a FREE advertising campaign guaranteed to drive new or additional traffic into your store to see what all the excitement is about.

The Pockitapp can speed up transactions in a cash heavy environment, reduces or eliminates the need to coin count at the end of the day, provides your customers something incredibly unique that they currently can’t get anywhere else.

But far and away the most valuable and exciting aspect of your relationship with Pockitapp are the analytics the Pockitapp product will provide your business.  Never before have retail and foodservice establishments had access to the data now available with the Pockitapp. In this day and age, one of the greatest competitive advantages any savvy marketer avails themselves of is the ability to establish and maintain a dynamic and personal relationship with your customers.  Credit and debit cards have allowed the capture of data that helps facilitate that relationship, but the Pockitapp now enables that with your CASH customers. It’s not just innovative, it’s revolutionary. So get on board with the Pockitapp pilot as soon as possible!

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations