Sailing Free & Clear!

We’re in the hot heart of the summertime and that means one thing -- VACATION!!

And as much as we might need the time off, and have to wait through the long winter months waiting for summer to finally arrive, vacations do come with a price.  There’s the cost of transportation to get you where you’re going (and home again when it’s over <<sigh>>.) Maybe there’s a new bathing suit or special outfit for while you’re away. Then there’s the cost of housing and lodging once you get there. Eating on the road usually doesn’t come cheaply and more often than not, vacations include those little personal indulgences from a cocktail or two, to spa visits for a seaweed wrap to that deep tissue massage. And postcards and souvenirs are not free!

But it’s all so worth it, assuming you’ve planned and prepared for it. Like putting money aside so that when the time comes for that precious vacation, you don’t have to go into debt to indulge and enjoy. Nothing spoils a good time more than the feeling of dread with every swipe of your credit card, knowing that upon your return from a good time, the piper will eventually have to be paid  But one of the hardest things about saving money is often simply beginning the process.

Now, with the Pockitapp, saving money just became a whole lot easier (and future vacations a great deal more enjoyable.) Pockitapp is a mobile financial app that allows you to earn and save with every cash transaction you make. It alleviates the need to carry around the change you’d receive back at the register or point-of-sale at every store, cafe, and service establishment carrying the Pockitapp logo. Use cash at that register and instead of receiving the change back in bills and coins from that transaction, it can automatically be deposited into your Pockitapp account.

So, advantage number one is no longer having to carry around all that change. No more need to collect and count coins. No need to bring your coin collection to the bank or coin machine to convert all those pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters into a certificate that you can use or deposit into a useable form of currency.

Next, the Pockitapp gives you plenty of options as to what you can do with those funds. All that collected change can be deposited into a Pockitapp account tied to checking, savings, gift certificates or allocated to a charity of your choosing. In this instance, since you’re working towards a vacation, tie that Pockitapp change to a savings account and every time you make a cash transaction at Pockitapp places, automatically have all your change allocated to your vacation fund. You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily the savings will add up.   

So next year, at this time, thanks to your good planning and the Pockit app, you can be sailing free and clear.  Happy vacation!  

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations