Plenty O’ Surpises

Have you noticed, just in the last few years, how many things happen and that you can get at cash registers and POS (point-of-sale) terminals that never existed before?  

From being able to pay your bill with your watch or smartphone, receipts that are sent to you via email, to adding loyalty points to your account, registers that spit out about a mile and a half of coupons and promotions, personalized messages that are targeted to your previous purchase history, and so much more. It’s  hard to imagine there’s anything new out there that hasn’t already been thought of. But now there is, and it’s a game-changer!

Introducing, the Pockitapp! Download it to your phone from the App store or at any register where you see the Pockitapp logo and you now have a small but mighty coin conversion app in your hand. You know those machines you find in grocery stores and other locations, where you bring your piggy bank full of coins and, for a charge, dump the change, and get a receipt or gift card for the total amount less the fees. That’s how Pockitapp works -- but better!

First, what that means is you no longer need to receive or carry change back -- from any CASH transaction. You’re at a store, plop down a $20 for a few items, get $3.79 back in change but now, you can have that change directly deposited into your Pockitapp account. No need to carry those coins or change back home, put them in the piggy bank until such time as you’re ready to get them to the bank, or that coin converter. No need to count, carry or convert as Pockitapp does it for you. It’s not a roll-up account, but rather the actual change you receive from transactions.

Second, with the Pockitapp,  you have complete control over where that money goes, either immediately, or over time. You can decide to place those funds in a checking or savings account and use them to help pay bills or collect it over time towards a goal. Another thing you can do with your Pockitapp funds is use it to replenish or purchase gift cards. Finally, you have the ability to designate those funds in your Pockitapp account to a cause or charity of your choosing.

So, with all the advances, innovations and opportunities available today at POS, with all the great loyalty and reward programs, sales and incentives that retailers and restaurateurs use to keep you coming back to their facility for more and better benefits, the Pockitapp offers you something completely new & different. Doesn’t matter where you eat or shop, so long as they take the Pockitapp. Doesn’t require you use a specific bank or financial institution’s debit or credit card, you can use it for any CASH transaction. Doesn’t require you to carry, collect or count your coins. Pockitapp does it for you!

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations