Independence Day

It’s the 4th of July and while we enjoy the holiday with fireworks, BBQs and picnics, whether we’re at the beach, national park or a neighbor’s backyard, we’re celebrating independence. This federal holiday commemorates the establishment of the original 13 colonies as the independent nation of the United States of America.

Of course today, those celebrations include sales at retail stores, specials at grocery stores, firework stands on every roadside, concerts and parades, and, if we’re lucky, the day off from work to enjoy all those outdoor activities. And today, there’s something entirely new to celebrate!

Introducing Pockitapp, a mobile app that offers you a new kind of financial freedom. Here’s how the Pockitapp works: at any of those retail or grocery stores, at any location that has a register or a point-of-sale terminal where you pay for goods and services, anywhere you see the Pockitapp logo, you now have choices you never had before.

Let’s say you’re at the food store picking up those hot dogs and hamburgers to grill over an open fire. Give the cashier a $20 and that $1.72 you're due back in change can be immediately deposited into your Pockitapp account.  Or, you’re at your local boutique, you found the perfect bathing suit to wear at the beach this 4th. It’s at an amazing price thanks to the special summer sale, so after handing the clerk $20, you’re getting back $3.94 in change. Have them scan your Pockitapp and that change is automatically transferred to your Pockitapp account.

And the financial freedom doesn’t end there. All that change back from grocery and retail stores, those couple dollars in change back from every transaction, really begin to add up over time. Without any need for you to carry, collect or count that change. Without having to roll coins, or take them to a coin conversion machine, you’re now collecting that change digitally in your Pockitapp which then ties those savings to your Pockitapp account.

From there, you have limitless choices as to what to do with your ‘spare change.’ You can tie your Pockitapp funds to a checking account and use that money to pay bills. Apply your Pockitapp funds to a savings account and use it towards a short-term goal, like a vacation fund or holiday account to help pay for gifts. Or, place it in savings for the long term towards a big-ticket item or college, automotive or home-buying.

Another option includes using your Pockitapp accumulation as a way to replenish or buy gift cards. Let’s say your favorite treat is a daily dose of caffeine and you have a regular relationship with your local barrista. With the Pockitapp, you never have to worry about replenishing that store card as the collected change in your Pockitapp account will just keep that coffee coming!  

Finally, and our favorite, is that you can designate those Pockitapp funds to a charity of your choosing. With so many worthy causes and so many in need, one of the easiest ways you can help pets, people and the planet is to save your Pockitapp change and put it towards one of the many, MANY charitable funds and foundations out there.  

So Happy Independence Day, America.  Let’s hear it for freedom!

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations