The Changing Face of Change

In ancient Greece, the first coins were discovered dating back to ~700 BC and in ancient India circa 6th century BC. Chinese coins were found dating back as far back as 1100 BC. Virtually every civilization has made some form of precious tokens to be used in the valuation and exchange of goods and services.

Much later, U.S. coins came into being in 1792 when Congress passed the first coinage act. Primarily introduced so we would stop trading in foreign coins, you may also already know that Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson contributed to suggestions for the first American coins. Silver and gold were the coin of the realm, so to speak, until the 1950s when laws were passed allowing different alloys and compositions to be used in coins. Today, thousands of years later, and specifically over the last generation, in many instances, coins are now virtual.

I still have albums. And a few collectible VHS tapes, if that gives you any relative sense of time. I’ve had 8-track tapes (in fact, right out of college my first VW  bug had the convertible ragtop slashed so many times in order to to steal that 8-track player that the grey droptop was made entirely of duct tape) and then cassettes. I took a transistor to the beach when I was a kid and had a boombox in my dorm room. There was the Walkman and later on a Discman while on the treadmill at the gym.

Now I stream everything. Wifi and bluetooth in my car and my house. Digital downloads of music and movies, online banking and staying in touch with the entire world through social and professional networking. 24 hours a day of online and televised content across multiple devices, often all at the same time.

My point being, things change.

Here we are today in the new millennium, with advertisers, commerce, entertainment and information providers all targeting the new millennials (at least, until the next generation is defined). The volume and velocity of data, content, and choices is almost inconceivable. It’s an app-based society and we’re learning and adapting to changes daily or we couldn’t survive.

That’s why the Pockitapp came along, at just the right time in this digital world. Today we need agility, speed and flexibility in our daily life. Pockitapp provides that by converting the change returned from any cash transaction into digital currency immediately at point of sale. Rather than carrying home those loose bills and coins, put them in your Pockitapp. Designate your Pockitapp to a checking or savings account. Replenish or purchase a gift card. Or donate to a good cause, because it is your money and you can do with it as you will. The most important thing is it takes that little problem of loose change away and gives you choice, convenience and control. It’s the changing face of change.

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations