Change For The Better

There’s something very different about the Pockitapp than any other app on the market today. Pockitapp is a mobile app that lets you save, spend, invest and donate using the change back from any CASH transaction.

Maybe you’re familiar with programs out there that let you round up the difference in a credit or debit transaction. That is, once you’ve enrolled in the program your financial institution may offer, when you pull out that credit card to pay for something, and you charge $29.17, your credit card company will charge your account $30, and take that $.83 difference and put it towards a savings account. Of course, if you don’t pay that balance off in full, then you’re paying finance charges, which somewhat undermines that intent to save. However, the typical users reports an average of $50 saved in a typical month.

Now imagine if those proceeds came directly from the change back from every purchase you make with cash. Every time you pick up a coffee with a $5 bill and get $2.50 back; every quick trip to the store for a few groceries where you lay down a $20 with $3 or $4 in change back; that smoothie, sandwich or drive-in fast food stop that you pay for in cash and you get cash back from your $10; every cent of that change can now be converted into ‘digital change’ and placed in the Pockitapp on your phone.

The first benefit is you don’t have to handle any of that change back from those transaction. No more carrying of coins, bringing them home, collecting and storing them in a jar to eventually get them to a bank or coin conversion service.  Now all that can be stored on the Pockitapp loaded on your phone! It is your own coin conversion service and it couldn’t be easier.

Second, with Pockitapp, you have many choices as to how to you can apply all that leftover change. Just like the coins in your piggy bank, it accumulates over time. In fact, there’s a significant probability that you’ll end up saving even more as it’s a much easier process to have the change deposited into your Pockitapp savings account, than dealing with all those actual coins and change.

With the Pockitapp, you can tie those accumulated savings into your checking account to pay bills. Or tie it to a savings account, for a specific short term goal, like a vacation, or special purchase, or add it to savings for the long run. Have a gift card that you continually use? Take all that accumulated change and replenish that card from your Pockitapp change for your next latte or lunch.  Finally, best of all, use it to do good in this world.  Your Pockitapp account can be dedicated to a cause or charity of your choosing.  If you think the continuous accumulation of change is a benefit to you, imagine how grateful the recipients of your gift will be.

Whether for you use your Pockitapp change for bill paying, savings or giving, it’s the easiest way to save those pennies, nickels & dimes.

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations