Pockitapp - Winter Park

Winter Park, Florida, near its more well-known sister city, Orlando, is one of the loveliest little areas in North America.  Elegant and full of cultural activities and experiences, this little slice of small town America offers everything from the world’s largest collection of Tiffany art to exquisite botanical gardens. From museums to sculpture gardens, scenic boat tours to amid historic landmarks, farmers markets and theatre, Winter Park is a small suburb with big city sensibilities. And running through the heart of Winter Park is its main street, Park Avenue, an amazing stretch of fine dining and unique shopping unlike anything else offered in the Orlando area.

Which is why we were so excited recently to be invited to present the newest innovation in mobile financial technology to the Park Avenue Merchants Association in beautiful Winter Park. Founded right here in Orlando, Florida, the people at Pockitapp were proud to make the national debut of the Pockitapp in familiar, fabulous, surroundings.

The Pockitapp enables consumers to get the change back from any cash transaction immediately converted into digital currency and transferred into their Pockitapp account. No more coins to lug around, carry or count. Those digital funds can be transferred into a savings or checking account, onto a gift card, or donated to a charity or cause of their choosing.

And while the diverse group of retailers, restaurateurs, and other professionals from the Merchants Association seemed to readily embrace Pockitapp's consumer benefits, there was the added understanding that this was something new from the store owner's perspective. To now have a better understanding of CASH customers, with access to information about their spending and purchase habits, and to be able communicate directly with them, is a real breakthrough at POS. Additionally, the Pockitapp works with any of the new and emerging point-of-sale systems or anywhere a customer transacts using any payment tender from cash, debit, credit and gift cards.

Besides the obvious benefits of converting cash into digital currency, the Pockitapp enables innovative sales and marketing tactics - from gamification to encourage new traffic, pushing loyalty rewards to reinforce repeat and frequent shopping behavior, offering discounts and incentives to stimulate bursts in sales.  The options are virtually limitless as far as strategic sales initiatives are concerned.

That’s why one of the platforms on which the Pockitapp is built is the involvement and information that retailers provide. Research, surveys and questionnaires are just part of the Pockitapp process. Park Avenue Merchants were given the opportunity to weigh on on what they wanted in marketing programs and sales events. Information as wide ranging as what retailers want for training materials, to how best to help handle merchandising practices in their stores were explored. Those opinions count and will help inform future Pockitapp programs and activities. 

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations