If it’s FREE, it’s for me!

Something that drove me crazy when I had a small store were the fees you pay the banks and credit card companies for the privilege of taking a customer’s payments. It’s hard enough when you’re a small business owner; between keeping the store maintained, inventory and equipment management, operations, customer service, loss control, accounting and everything in between, feels like you’re working all the time with everybody else getting a share of the profits.

Those fees run anywhere from 2 - 4% plus a share of sales, and can be more, just for the privilege of being able to offer your customers the added convenience of payment alternatives.  Even debit cards, effectively as immediate as cash, require fees to the bank for the transaction. But what if you could offer your customers the option to use cash again, AND provide them added value for that cash transaction.  And it’s completely FREE of transactional merchant fees at point-of-sale.

With the Pockitapp, your customer receives the immediate convenience of paying with cash and having the change owed immediately converted into digital currency! For example, they give you a $20 for a $16.19 sale, and you owe them $3.81 in bills and change; now you scan their Pockitapp and that $3.81 gets applied anywhere they choose.  They can put it in their checking or savings, apply it to a favorite gift or store card, or designate it as a gift to a charity of their choosing. What that customer does with their change is entirely up to them.  They don’t have to carry that change around and you don’t have to count & provide them those bills and coins.

And that added benefit is entirely FREE to you.  NO merchant fees. You have the Pockitapp logo proudly displayed at your POS and you can educate the customer about the many features and benefits of the Pockitapp.  For the customer, it includes the opportunity to pay with no more clunky change to collect and carry around or to bring home and put in their piggy banks and which eventually require counting and carrying to a bank.  

Now they get complete control and personal choice for how their money is allocated. Over time, your business will receive opportunities for discounts, incentives and rewards with promotions that Pockitapp provides. That’s just more value to the customer, and all because you helped turn their unwanted change into actionable and valuable digital currency...at no cost to you!

For you, there’s a complete reconciliation and  daily accounting through your existing POS software. An extraordinary new way to collect information about cash customers that you've never been able to capture before. Pockitapp is an easy and intuitive solution to an everyday POS situation as well as more opportunities for you to reward and engender customer loyalty. And that’s just good business.

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations