Giving Is Its Own Reward

You know the deep satisfaction you feel when you get something for free. Like, those coupons for $5 off anything you want the next time you shop, or a free cup of coffee or dinner on your birthday. An upgrade to first class when you’re anticipating a long, cramped ride in coach. Buy three tires and the fourth one’s free. They may be marketing gimmicks, but they work. Some are associated with loyalty programs like frequent flyer miles, and some are used to help move merchandise or bring you back to that particular store. No matter the merchant’s motivation, you feel like you’ve gotten a little something extra and who doesn’t like that?

What if you could generate your own gifts and rewards with each transaction you make? With the Pockitapp, any & all of the spare change from any cash transaction can be automatically deposited into your Pockitapp account on your phone. Gone is the inconvenience and hassle of having to carry around loose coins and spare change. No more lugging those coins home, sticking them in your piggy back, and later having to count & carry them to the bank or coin exchange.

Unlike a roll-up or round-up program some financial institutions offer that’s tied to your checking account or credit card, Pockitapp is your own cash. It’s a reward you give yourself for being careful and deliberate with your money. If you're in the mode to ‘watch every penny’ then Pockitapp is the app for you because not only are you watching every penny, you’re watching them accumulate into something useful and meaningful.   

With the Pockitapp, change from your transaction goes where you want it to go. Put it in checking or savings, let it accumulate and treat yourself to something special. Designate those funds towards a little luxury, or a vacation savings account, a new outfit or a fine meal out. Think of the satisfaction in knowing that it was the easiest way you’ve ever saved money PLUS you don’t have to deal with all those coins that have been collecting.

Another easy convenience is the ability to designate your Pockitapp funds to purchase or replenish gift cards. Let’s say you have a particular coffee shop app on your phone because, after all, what’s a day without latte? Now, anytime you make a cash purchase, and put the change back into your Pockitapp account, you can automatically designate those funds to be used towards your daily libation. All that change back from any shop, anytime you make any cash purchase, and it just keeps filling your cup to the brim without you having to do anything.

But the best choice of all, especially in these days when so many need so much, is you can take all that spare change you’ve collected in your Pockitapp account, and you can use it for good. Know of a local school struggling? A veterans group that can always use a donation or two. Or perhaps a dog park in need of a fence? A food bank in your area that could use a little spare change? Giving doesn’t always have to mean a huge, nationally recognized charity, although there’s nothing wrong with giving there as well. I’m talking about one of those hyper-local, really make a tangible difference, giving initiatives. One where even the leftover change from that candy bar splurge, put into your Pockitapp account, and steadily added to change from other small purchases, can make a significant and valuable contribution. Saving for days for a cause can really make a difference in this world!

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations