Tight Pants

It’s one of those small but annoying problems we’ve all had. Some might even say it’s a uniquely first-world problem and we’re privileged to have it. Nevertheless, it can be a pain in the derriere, quite literally.

It’s Friday night, you’re out with friends. You run into the local convenience store for an energy drink and the morning papers. Hand the guy $5 and you get back 36¢... did I mention you’re in your skinny jeans? Your phone’s in one back pocket, your wallet in the other. You don’t have room or interest in those coins at that moment as they’re either going to leave marks on your wallet or possibly scratch the phone. What a waste of money.  

Yoga class is 7am. You’re in your sweats, running out the door with your yoga mat, a phone with your license and a $20 tucked inside the case, your towel and a bottle of water. Stop for gas on the way home and what are you supposed to do with that $3.78 in change from the fill-up?

Ever had that experience of running though a drive-through with both kids in the back seat? You hand the cashier $20 for the kids’ meals as well as your own and she immediately hands you back two sodas, one coffee, three separate bags of food, the extra napkins you requested and then finally $1.67 in change. You’re all turned around in your seat making sure the kids are settled, sodas secure and that change just lands on the floor and in between the seats.

It’s a little-known secret but many of us do it. You’re running down to the food truck and you tuck $10 into your bra. The outfit you’re wearing doesn’t have pockets, you’re carrying your phone in one hand and about to get the food in the other. That change from that black bean burrito bowl comes to $2.82; what do you do?

One of these scenarios is the exact reason the Pockitapp was conceived. Pockitapp fixes these problems! Download the Pockitapp anywhere you see the logo and that fast food place, gas station, convenience and retail store, or anywhere that takes money can immediately convert your spare change into digital currency and deposit it to your Pockitapp account on your phone. No more coins to carry, collect or count. Pockitapp does it for you.  You decide whether to put the money into a checking or savings account, get or replenish a gift card, or better yet, designate it towards a charity of your choosing.   

Now that the problem is solved, we’d like to hear YOUR story of your spare change challenges. Ever been caught in a situation where that sweaty ball of bills and loose coins just totally got in your way? Share it with us [penny@pockitapp.com] and we’ll be sure to feature it in a future blog.

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations