And by POS, I mean...

Have you noticed how many new types of point-of-sale systems (POS) there are out there these days? How many new and different ways to pay for things? The number of apps that enable transactional capabilities through your smartphone, or watch, fitness device, jewelry and even fashion. I’m dating myself, but I remember when all there was were cash registers.

In fact, that’s exactly the issue. Legacy POS systems are aging and especially antiquated in the interactive capabilities required by today’s savvy consumer. Well over half of all point-of-sale systems are over a decade old and in need of replacement. It’s increasingly rare to find a register in this day and age that’s not connected to the internet through wired cable, telephone, hotspot or wi-fi. If & when you actually do, it’s assured that merchant does not have access to sophisticated inventory management, data processing or accounting tools. And that’s not in your best interests as a consumer.

It seems like every time you go to a food truck, or restaurant, almost any new store opening, and even some familiar retail establishments that are keeping up with the times, you’re presented with the option of an email receipt, or having to scribble a (usually unintelligibly!) signature on a tablet or phone. You can scan QR codes or tap your phone on special payment terminals and get rewards and coupons off purchases. There are digital points programs and certain vendors that have very progressive push notifications that seem to almost intuit and anticipate your shopping behaviors and serve you a coupon at just the right moment. While some questions issues of privacy, others recognize it as a convenience and benefit.

So what does this all mean for you as a consumer?  There’s a new app, Pockitapp, that does something no other app currently does at the point of sale.  Pockitapp enables you to pay with cash at that register, and any change back from that transaction can be immediately deposited into your Pockitapp account. No more coins to carry! You can collect those funds and put them in checking or savings, replenish a gift card, or donate to a charity of your choosing. No one else is currently offering that ability to immediately convert actual change into digital currency and store it on an app on your phone. It’s even patent pending.

Next, all those great perks and privileges that come with having a retail relationship, whether with a store, a restaurant, service organization or anywhere you get coupons, rebates, discounts, and other rewards, can be delivered and enhanced through Pockit Stops. From boutiques to coffee shops, convenience stores, restaurants and food trucks and any merchant with the wherewithal to have a newer and more interactive POS system, Pockitapp offers benefits over & above the rewards and incentives those merchants already offer. It really ups the ante on rewards program when combined with the Pockit app. Do more and you get more, it’s that simple, easy and elegant.

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations