Rewards Aren’t Just For Heaven

In honor of Mother’s Day and to all the moms who raised and nurtured us, Many Thanks for all you do and all you’ve taught and given us.

My mom always said ‘you’ll get your rewards …. In heaven!’ as a way to defer the ones I thought I deserved there and then. Although I now believe that mom DID know best, back then waiting for some day that sounded so far in the future seemed interminable, and just not my style.

So I love the idea of Pockitapp. Download the app from the app store, or any store where you see the logo, and you get the cash change back from any transaction immediately placed in your Pockitapp account. Besides not having to carry that change around for the rest of the day, you can use it for any number of options.

Pockitapp lets you put it in savings or checking to save up for a special occasion (“ Mother’s Day” I can hear my mom saying!) or towards that bigger something (like your own apartment?) For more immediate gratification, (like, ‘I need a cappuccino NOW!’) use it to replenish a store gift card. If you want to make your mother proud, Pockitapp also lets you choose a charity and facilitates easy transfer of your Pockitapp change to the cause that means something special to you (and your mom!)

And speaking of mom, in a 2015 survey from, of the money lessons learned from mom, 55% of respondents said she always told them to “live within your means. The same percentage said she taught them the difference between a want and a need. Some 44% said Mom emphasized the importance of being self-sufficient. Mom also taught them how to shop wisely: 67% said she taught them about sales, and 57% said she taught them about coupons. So don’t disappoint her this Mother’s Day.

Now you can show mom you were listening and just how smart you’ve become under her tutelage. Besides collecting and repurposing your own spare change in your Pockitapp account, you can can get even more rewards like bonus points for shopping where you already shop, coupons (see, my mom always taught me to shop smart!) and rebates, frequent shopper rewards, prizes and games.  

The more you use it, the more the Pockit app will keep pushing you notifications and special incentives.  A great bonus from the stores you regularly shop at that want to keep you coming back for more. It’s also a wonderful way to be introduced to new stores and new products you might be interested in based on things you’ve already proved you like. Your mom would be proud!

Happy Mother’s Day and see you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations

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