It’s interesting to see loyalty at the very heart of today’s headlines as it’s not something that’s explored nearly often enough. We think about it in the context of our canine friends and figure, with enough treats and attention, we can assume their loyalty. Having even one "good and loyal" friend, lets us consider ourselves blessed beyond belief. As an employer, it’s a comfort and relief to have employees whom you count on as reliable and loyal. As a merchant, there is nothing more valuable than a loyal customer.

That’s why, now more than ever, customer loyalty programs abound. Credit cards offer them, banks offer them, drug and grocery stores, coffee shops to car rentals.  Anywhere it's in someone’s best interests to keep you coming back, be it to their beauty shop, or on their airline, businesses have come to recognize that it encourages repeat shopping behavior to provide incentives and rewards for your loyalty.

Consumers are getting smarter every day with the proliferation of programs out there and now there are even apps that enable you to compare and contrast different loyalty programs. Is it air miles you’re looking for, or gift cards? Cash rebates or additional goods and services? Dollars or discounts or maybe even learning about new products before they reach the market?

That’s why the Pockitapp is so new and interesting.  Besides working with local and national merchants to offer added value at their point-of-sale, Pockitapp finds what you like and tailors the rewards to you. Let’s say what you really like is knowing when the big sales are about to happen at your favorite boutique.  That store is a Pockit Stop and not only can you get a personal notification about that Private Sale, but they’ll offer an additional 15% off any item in that sale because you have the Pockitapp. That’s the value of being in their Pockitapp, the exclusivity and unique offers that can be tailored directly to you. Or let’s say you already have a frequent buyer card at your local coffee shop. Your Pockitapp account enables you to add to that gift card through the spare change in your wallet (more on that, later) as well as partnering with your barrista for added benefits.

Unlike other loyalty programs, Pockitapp does something that isn’t being offered anywhere else. In fact, it’s patent pending and solves one of life’s little problems along the way.  For every cash purchase made at a store or business, the Pockitapp on your phone lets you deposit the physical change back from that transaction directly into Pockitapp account. Put it in checking or savings; use it to replenish that gift card; or best yet, donate it to a cause of your choosing. As a consumer, it also means no more need to carry, collect and count coins. As the merchant, you now know something about your cash customers you never had insights into before. Add that to the rewards you’re already using to increase the frequency of your customers’ visits and loyalty now becomes a two-way street.  

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations