Social Enterprise

Can your pocket help change the world?  Absolutely!  

It doesn’t always take a large contribution to make a difference.  Sometimes a few coins can make the difference as to whether someone eats that night or not. A few dollars can change one person’s world significantly.  It can even help fund a movement if steadily and consistently given. It can accelerate a positive outcome more than you might believe.

Walking home with his dad from school one day, a second grader saw a homeless man outside a convenience store soliciting for just that, spare change. “Who’s that, dad, and what’s he doing?”  His father did his best to explain the situation without disheartening the young boy, but also trying to engender an understanding that if & when they could, they should always try to help the less fortunate. It was the right thing to do.

For the next few months, that kid collected every soda can and bottle he could lay his hands on.  His mom took him down to the recycling center once a month and they turned those 5 cent deposits into $10 here and $20 there. By year end, he’d managed to collect $200 and proudly presented it to a local homeless shelter and got a heartfelt thank you and a little certificate in return. But now he had the giving bug.  

He showed off his plaque at school and pretty soon, his classmates started helping him and brought in all their bottles & cans.  Rather than just dump it in the bin, pretty soon his garage had turned into a collection center for recycling.  The next time, it only took a few months to collect that next $200. That donation went to the local animal shelter in honor of Lola, his old dog.  Two months later, $200 to a food bank where his grandparents donated their time. And now, once a month, someone is a few hundred dollars richer because of the kind heart and social enterprise of that 7 year old boy. His classmates feel like they’re doing something to change the world. And they are, a few pennies at a time.

Now recycling is a good thing, and we encourage not only the altruism, but the environmental impact.  But what if you could double down and collect not only the nickel deposit from the can, but also the spare change from the soda purchase? Rather than put that change back in your wallet, what if you could convert it to digital currency and collect it along with the cans? With Pockitapp, you can.  Pockitapp enables you to convert the change back from your purchase and stash it away for a rainy day – yours or someone else’s.

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations