No Coins in the Fountain

I see the future and it doesn’t include coins! It’s inevitable and we’ve been moving that way for some time now. More debit cards, more mobile payment applications, the proliferation of gift cards, private label credit cards and automatic payment methods are where we’re going these days. And IMO, that’s a very good thing.

If you’ve ever even heard of them, the film and song “Three Coins in the Fountain” came out in 1954-55, Fast forward six plus decades, head to the Fountain of Trevi -- where much of the magical history of throwing coins in fountains began --and guards there are collecting ~ $4,000 a day on the spare change that tourists just throw away. I have no issues with doing whatever you want with your money, but i can think of lots more fun and rewarding things than throwing it away!! How about saving for that trip to Italy?! Or even towards a simple save, like, say, a pizza.

It’s easy now, thanks, in part, to doing away with those despicable coins.     

My loathing of coins started,  I suspect, with some of my early jobs.  Whether in a retail store or a restaurant, anytime I got anywhere near management,  out came the keys for closing and the register for closing out. And the thing I dreaded the most was counting coins. I was tired, at the end of the day, I just wanted to get home and there were lots of them (and not all my fellow workers were not always careful making sure there nickels didn’t land in with quarters) and pretty much every night I’d make a counting error.

I remember the separating and rolling them into those cardboard tubes and then the heavy pouches for deposits, thanks to those coins. (Unless it’s being used as a weapon, I much prefer the feather weight of a $20 bill over the three pound weight of a roll of quarters!)

And now, even today, I still collect my coins at home.  Every single day I come home, empty my wallet of coins, (as I don’t want to carry them around one more day!) toss them into a big old jar with the thought that I’m going to turn them into usable currency.  I never actually do, so I probably have a sizeable amount collected by now, but I so desperately dread the prospect of dealing with them, organizing and getting them to the bank, or even lifting that jar  that probably weighs, well, more than I care to lift to take it somewhere where someone will do it for me.

But now that there’s the Pockitapp, anywhere I use cash, where that food truck or store-owner, restaurateur or barrista accepts it at their point-of-sale, I can pay with cash, have them scan my phone and deposit that change directly into my Pockitapp account. No change back at all! Best of all, I can use it to save or that pizza or trip, or to replenish a store or gift card, give it to the cause or charity of my choosing. And never, never, ever have to carry, count, lug or deal with coins again!  

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations