Stash That Cash

As someone who has started a few entrepreneurial ventures, the good money is always on looking for new ideas and advances in technology that may help facilitate growth in business. These days, there’s so much development coming in the area of mobile technology that it takes a very special app to break through the clutter. Sometimes it's the simplest and most obvious solutions to everyday problems that become apparent once technology catches up to it.

The Pockitapp does just that by combining financial convenience with mobile technology to allow the physical coins and bills returned from any cash transaction to be immediately converted into digital currency.  The average American is reported to accumulate in the neighborhood of $600 in coins every year.  Coins that need to be dealt with and delivered somewhere else before they can be used as actual money.

Investing in business can often mean sourcing funding from unexpected sources. Today there’s crowdsourcing tools for garnering funds.  More than one successful film has been produced using personal credit cards. Micro-loans are available in amounts far less than that $600 in change and folks have started entire farms and businesses with that investment.  You’ve heard that ‘$50 can feed a family of 4 for a week’ so all combined, it starts to put that coin collection in a whole new perspective. Especially if you look at that savings as a means towards an end.

Investing in yourself, or in a business, or in your children’s education, or the future in general, is a deliberate decision usually made carefully and with specific intent. It’s hope and discipline combined to form goal or aspiration. Part of the pleasure in its success is knowing your efforts -- time, money, imagination, resources -- contributed to this successful business, or well-educated child, or better feeling YOU.

And it doesn’t all have to be hard work. Sometimes it just requires thinking about a new way to look at things. A way to reimagine the role of money in your life, the coins in your piggy bank. So how does that little Pockitapp that turns spare change into digital currency help facilitate the future? Partly because you recognize that ‘every little bit helps’ is as strong a foundation on which to build as is that big idea. Those coins, collected & stored in the Pockitapp, designated towards automatic savings (as just one of many options) begin to accrue and accumulate and, to paraphrase a well-known saying ‘pretty soon we’re talking real money.’

It’s an unimaginably easy way to start savings towards a greater goal. But the real message here is, to quote Bruce Springsteen “...from small things, Mama, big things one day come.”

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations