The Pockitapp Circle

Gift cards, store cards, reward cards...they all mean one thing to me. It means I have a regular relationship with that merchant, be it coffee shop or airline.  I pretty much go there -- whenever -- either every day, or every week or it's how I like to get around or where I like to shop. It's something I'm used to; someone whose product I enjoy and use and/or whose philosophy I support and encourage, and which has become part of my life with some degree of regularity and continuity. And whatever it is they provide, be that product or performance, or both, its engendered in me a sense of loyalty and... an actual relationship.

And really, there's not much better than the burgeoning of a new relationship. Everything is fresh and new.  You want to know more and do more.  You love the little surprises and with any luck there's a great deal of reciprocity in wanting the others' happiness. So if that half-caff, frozen capp is your daily desire, you might have a card with your local coffee shop. Never know when there might be a special inner circle coffee-thon event, or a free yummy treat on your birthday or anniversary; and they keep making it more and more irresistible! Always looking for new ways to get you back into the shop and come back often. Now, what if they could help crème brulee the deal by making sure your cup is never empty.  

With the Pockitapp, your customers can take the change back from ANY transaction –be that cash, debit, whatever, and convert that change into digital currency and then that change … and the change from each & every other transaction … gets placed in a designated repository.  One of which is the replenishment of gift cards, just like the one you want your customer to always be using in your store!!  

Among the other choices is they can put it in a account and save it for a rainy day or holiday spending. A bit more altruistic and you can designate a cause or charity for all that accumulated spare change.  It really builds up over time!

We help make it easy to assure your business is among those to which the customer attaches their Pockitapp. The concept is intuitive and easy to explain and the benefits universal. Try it yourself and Pockitapp your own transactions.  It's perhaps the easiest and painless ways to save money, both economically and environmentally. No more coins to collect and store.  All that jingling silver is now an immediate digital transaction that reallocates pennies and dimes into future lovely lattes.

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations