The Gift of Giving…that keeps on giving

One of the great things about social change and enterprise is the opportunity to make the world a slightly better place than the one you currently experience or perceive. And that’s something directly within your control. And just got even easier!

Don’t like the way things are going in Washington? You can make a donation to a political party, union or action committee to help motivate and influence change. See someone on the street struggling, and you can make the decision to give them some money. Know an innovator with a brilliant idea and just no funding to get started?  

Today there are all sorts of ways you can help, from providing a micro-loan or contributing to a larger social funding network to help get them off the ground. Need an education and there are loans, grants and scholarships that can help.

Whether it’s a big or small contribution, it’s the willingness to help that can literally make all the difference in the world to one individual or a group. And regardless of whether on a global scale, or right in your own backyard, it’s the positive intent to make the world a better place that actually makes the world a better place.  

The decision to give is yours, and the cause you select is also entirely within your control. Whatever the story is that touches your heart – from rescuing animals to feeding a child, contributing to a social cause, to influencing a political belief – you really do have the power to help make positive change.

And that can start with something as easy and painless as your pocket change. It’s the old ‘acorn into mighty oaks’ strategy. Download the Pockitapp today and one of the many options it provides is your ability to turn any & all change leftover from any transaction into digital currency. And that digital currency adds up over time.

What if you could take all those quarters & nickels, pennies & dimes, and instead of having to handle or store them, roll them up and then take them to the bank and convert them into actual and eventual cash, create a repository for your good intent.

With Pockitapp, you can designate a cause or charity of your choosing, (more than one!) collect those coins into a digital cache, and contribute regularly and often.  One of the greatest gifts that those in need can receive is the gift of continuity.  An evergreen approach to giving, where there’s always money coming in on a regular and sustained basis, and where it’s both painless and purposeful to you, makes a huge difference to the prospect of a positive outcome.

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations