MobileTech: a.k.a. social engagement.

If there’s one thing marketers and sales people alike are (sometimes painfully) aware of, is that 80% of all global consumers today have smartphones*. Young & old, male & female, every demographic you can imagine. Certainly people who go to school…all ages from K-12 and then forever after; their teachers; the lunch lady, the crossing guard. Fast food workers and gas station cashiers, movie ushers and boutique owners.  Every known small and large business runs on their phone. Banks, doctors, lawyers.  You name one area of industry that doesn’t include consumers connected to their smartphones.

And just like the insatiable 24 hour news cycles that require constant content to keep the viewer engaged, and the proliferation of programs on networks, and new and emerging channels and ways to watch on tablets and phones, those smartphones require a steady stream of engaging, interesting and useful content.

The ‘stickier’ the apps, the more the phone gets used.  Besides the obvious of staying connected to those you love and want in your life, or sharing that interesting tidbit, it’s a magnificent tool for doing research and capturing the moment digitally. Games and entertainment abound and these devices are an increasingly and intrinsically valuable tool for time and money management.

The Pockitapp is an intuitive, evergreen app that provides you, and however you define that, your consumer, with the ability to store, manage and transfer the change back from every transaction into a unique digital currency cache. It’s truly one of a kind in this new environment of emerging systems for point of sale, and devices that differ widely from the traditional register. We envision a day when you won’t need to keep coins in the till as all your p.o.s. will be electronic.

The benefits to you are many. As a Pockitapp consumer, whatever change is exchanged in the course of a transaction, will now be transferred into a savings cache that provides you tremendous flexibility and freedom of choice. Over time those quarters and dimes really add up. Store that money away for a rainy day, as it’s one of the easiest and painless ways to save. You can use it to replenish any of your electronic renewable gift cards. Or, best still, dedicate those funds to a cause that touches your heart.

If you’re on the other end of that point of sale system, you’ll know from personal experience you’ve provided your consumer a tremendous tool and resource. The Pockitapp is a new and incredibly easy way to save money in the most transparent and convenient way. By providing the service and advocating the app, you’ve just engendered increased loyalty among your buyers. With the Pockitapp, let stickiness reign!!

*In a survey conducted by Deloitte 2016 …”almost 50,000 cross-generational consumers covering six continents, and 31 countries”

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations