Gather Ye Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love getting a gift card?

Not too long ago, it was considered the easy way out…when it was thought you couldn’t be creative enough to think of just the right birthday present for that acquaintance or relative you didn’t know that well, there was always the gift certificate to the right store.

Then, over the last decade or so, it seemed like gift cards proliferated and every store and restaurant offered them.  The giant hardware store, your local sushi restaurant, gas stations and even banks and credit cards got in on the act.  One of the many advantages was that it was as safe and easy as giving someone cash…in fact, even safer if you needed to mail it!

The receiver could select anything they wanted, from virtually anywhere close and convenient. There was no need to return the sweater that didn’t fit, or the book they’d already read, or the item they just didn’t like.  No hard feelings with complete anonymity of purchase and freedom of choice.

But out of the nearly $120 billion (that’s billion, with a “B”!) in gift cards sold, nearly $2 billion will go unredeemed. That’s just one of the many reasons retailers and issuers love them.  And one of the many reasons you, as a recipient would be wise to handle any and all gift cards with the same care and value you use for cash.

Reward card that offers points also usually offer gift cards as an incentive. Also, they are not always fixed amounts in $20 or $50 value. Gift cards can be as dynamic an instrument as your wallet, with the same ebb and flow as cash. Start out a card with a $20 balance; use it, the balance drops.  Get close to that $0 balance, and you can add more back on from your Pockitapp account balance, just like putting a new $20 in your wallet.

But rather than make that one time deposit every month or so to keep upping the balance, and have – what was once a gift card become that new bill to pay – keep it current and sustained with the change from each purchase you make every time you shop anywhere Pockitapp is accepted.

With the Pockitapp, all those loose coins you’d normally receive, collect and put in a jar can help make that coffee card ready to use as soon as you’re ready for your latte. Running on empty and only have a few dollars left on your gas card? Make your gift cards sustainable and even more valuable with every transaction, by converting the change you’d receive back into digital currency with Pockitapp. Add it to your gift card balance and neither you, nor your car, will ever be running on empty again!

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations