Let the Revelry Begin!

We’ve been invited to Revelry and we couldn’t be more excited!

If you’re unfamiliar with the event, it’s an annual, national sales conference sponsored by RevelⓇ Systems in which they invite hundreds of trusted partners, clients and merchants to meet & mingle, showcase their brands, work together to solve day-to-day challenges and learn what’s on the horizon in future point-of-sale advances. And this year, that’s the Pockitapp!

The Pockitapp is a standalone mobile app provided free to merchants. Pockitapp is loaded on a tablet that enables the merchant to transfer the change back from any cash transaction directly to that customer’s phone. It’s an ideal application for food service and convenience stores where customers pay with cash for average tickets of $20 or less. It speeds up transaction times and improves accuracy, customers are engaged by the value and convenience at checkout, and best of all, it gives the store owner access to information about their cash customer.  And that’s information previously unavailable, and now valuable and usable, just like the coins that the customer put in their Pockitapp!   

Recognizing the unique competitive advantage they’re offering their customers, as well as their customer's customers, Revel Systems is embracing the innovation of the Pockitapp mobile app.  (Pockitapp is currently patent pending!) As consumers, the folks at Revel instantly recognized the intuitive simplicity and convenience of instantly getting your change back on your phone.  As sales people, the good folks at Revel are excited to have something so new and unique on the market that they can offer at POS. Most importantly, as successful entrepreneurs, Revel recognizes that finally being able to capture metrics and analytics on cash transactions may be Pockitapp’s most important and valuable feature.

So we’re going out there to share with folks how Pockitapp can help improve the customer’s experience in-store, and the store-owner's interest in engaging cash customers, and Revel’s interest in integrating the Pockit app into Revel’s point-of-sale system. That will give all of Revel’s customers the unique access to Pockit every time they buy a cup of coffee, a cinnamon roll, some cajun fried chicken, Greek yogurt, or buy anything at any of the many, delicious national food service establishments who use Revel Systems.

Speaking of delicious, did I mention that this big event is in San Francisco, one of the greatest and most beautiful cities in the country. As folks from Florida, just the beautiful cool, fall weather will be a refreshing change.  On the drive in from the airport through the heart of the city, the incredible diversity and culture explains why some have left their hearts there. Those long winding streets, the architecture and that spectacular view out into the bay, the very energy of the city keeps you enthralled from the minute you get there.

Combine that with the opportunity to present the Pockitapp to people from all over the country for the first time ever and you can see why we’re so excited. You can put that in your Pockitapp!

See you on the flip side!

Penny Pockit | Customer Relations