Tools To Be A Successful Nonprofit

In the most basic terms, a nonprofit is a business that has no profit beyond what is needed to keep the company running. What surplus is left after paying all the workers and bills is given to a certain charity or cause, usually set out as the company’s namesake or reason for existing.

If you own or work for a nonprofit company, you know that the lifeblood of all nonprofit organizations is a healthy population of donors. Without donors, no money can be made or contributed to the cause.

That said, the biggest question for nonprofits is often how to get donors, and in extension, how to motivate donors, both new and old, to donate.

For many nonprofits, it’s as simple as getting their names and causes out there where potential donors can see them. But how is that done? What is the optimal way to reach as many people in your target audience as possible?

One key way of getting word about your nonprofit out to potential donors is to use nonprofit advertising websites. These websites, such as and, take your advertising to the next level by putting all of your nonprofit’s information into a space where they’ll be seen by donors who are looking to donate.

These sites are trafficked by people looking for a cause to give to, so they’re the easiest targets imaginable. Use whatever stands out or is special about your nonprofit, and advertise it on these websites. As soon as it catches a donor’s eye, you’re in business.

Another easy way to increase traffic to your nonprofit’s events and website is through social media. The millennial generation has heralded an almost unconscious need to be constantly updating and constantly connected, so why not use that to your nonprofit’s advantage?

Use Facebook’s many features to create a fan page for your nonprofit, to set up easy to access donation pages, and to advertise events that you’re holding. By tagging your location and close friends and family who are involved, you open the door to informing people who are in your area and in your network.

In addition, be sure to use a specific hashtag that is exclusive to your company in conjunction with such hashtags as “community”, “give back”, and “donate”. This will get the attention of people who habitually support nonprofits.

A final and perhaps most pivotal tool is to have a mobile giving solution. In short, it is beneficial to have an app that allows donors to give money easily and quickly without going through the hassle of even leaving the app. The easier and more interesting the app is, the more likely it is that the app will draw in donors.

With these tools, your nonprofit should have no problem being successful regardless of whether you’re just getting off the ground, or looking to reach new heights.

See you next time around!

Matt Panzo | CEO & Co-Founder